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Richard got his first computer in 2002, ran his own gaming server running on a machine sporting dual P3 CPUs with Raid5, and by 17 had a homelab before it was cool on Reddit! He has been hooked on technology ever since.

He holds his CISSP, has worked across both public and private sectors. In addition, he was the head of technology at a cloud provider of investment trading systems. In his current day-to-day role, he manages the global cyber security program for a law firm.

With a passion for IT/Security, he continuously strikes a balance between technology, security, and the user experience with every action. He also enjoys mentoring others and ensuring people learn and grow. His other passions include cars (especially Porsches) and is in search for the Perfect Pilsner beer. If you found my posts helpful and want to donate, you can use the Buy Me A Coffee (or beer) button.

  • First Dedicated Personal Computer: Desktop: Dell Dimension 8200. P4 2.26ghz, 512MB Rambus, Nvidia GeForce MX420, 80GB Drive, 17in ultra-sharp flat panel, rocking a 1280×1024.
  • Enterprise Server: Compaq Proliant Enterprise Server featuring: Dual P3 (Slotted) with 2GB of Ram and 4x Raid 35GB 15k RPM drives. Running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.