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WSUS Console Crashes after a few minutes or displays error


Our SCCM server suddenly stopped downloading updates and after no changes on our end but shortly after the Windows 10 1703 Creators update was released.  Our SCCM Server is also running WSUS on it and after a reboot or after a few minutes the WSUS console screen would go from showing the console dashboard to display “Error: Connection Error”.  Following the directions in the log to clear the console preferences did not work.  The server is running SCCM 1602 with WSUS on Server 2012R2.  After monitoring the processes with task manager it was determined that the IIS Process was recycling after it reached a memory value.



  1. Make sure you are able to give your server more memory even just temporarily until this process resolves.  In my case we went from 16GB to 32GB.
  2. Open up IIS Manager > Application Pools > Right Click on “WsusPool” and select Advanced Settings.
  3. Make the following settings changes:
    • Queue Length: 25000
    • “Service Unavailable” Response: TcpLevel
    • Failure Interval (minutes): 30
    • Maximum Failures: 60
    • Virtual Memory Limit (kb): 0 (for unlimited)
  4. Restart your server and perform a manual synchronization from within WSUS you should see the IIS process memory starting climbing and should continue growing until it completes.  When I ran it, the process took about 17GB of memory until it completed.  Your mileage may vary.  Only after this syncs properly may you be able to reduce the memory amount.