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Active Directory Federation Services – Part 2 (Customization)

Now that we installed and setup Active Directory Federated Service let’s customize the user interface so it is uses a modern design and utilizes screen real-estate so that the experience for our end users is better.

1. Download and Extract the theme files https://github.com/enterpriseinfosec/ADFS-UX-Centered

2. Open up an Elevated PowerShell Command Prompt

3. Create a new ADFS Theme

New-AdfsWebTheme -Name CloudADFS -SourceName default -StyleSheet @{path="c:\downloads\adfs-ux\ThemeCenterBrand.css"}

4. Add additional resource to theme

Set-AdfsWebTheme –TargetName CloudADFS -AdditionalFileResource @{Uri="/adfs/portal/script/onload.js"; path="c:\downloads\adfs-ux\paginatedOnload.js"}

5. Activate the theme across all relying party trusts

Set-AdfsWebConfig -ActiveThemeName CloudADFS

6. Your theme should now be centered rather than being positioned to the right hand side.