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Adobe Flash does not load correctly in citrix

I came across a strange issue with Citrix XenApp 6.5 that would prevent Adobe Flash type applications from not generating the Windows Profile settings as if you were to Remote Desktop or logon to the server via a console user.

As a temporary and poor workaround we first had users logon to the Citrix XenApp server under Remote Desktop than connect via Citrix XenApp to get a 3rd party application to work correctly.  I immediately knew this had something to do with the User Profile in windows not generating fully.  I even had a few calls with Microsoft, Citrix and Adobe showing them video and webex’s of what was happening, they coudln’t figure it out although to their credit they did say they would research the issue further.  I happened to figure out the issue before them almost.

After speaking with them and not much information was provided we ended up calling up the 3rd party.  They couldn’t provide too much detail as they didn’t have Citrix or RemoteApp in their environment.

However, I still knew it had something to do with the User Profile because under RDP and Console it worked fine.  However, numerous other Adobe Flash applications worked just fine when used under XenApp.

I than tried generating the profile like OOBE (Out of box experience) / RunOnce that worked.   Of course the below is documented on both Citrix and Microsoft’s support page it didn’t show up until I searched the keywords below.. of course this doesn’t match anything I searched initially.


Create a logon script with the following parameters.

In my case I created a Group Policy Startup Policy with the command below and than enabled Loopback processing for that particular server and all worked well after that.

runonce.exe /AlternateShellStartup