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Dell R740 does not see local storage in ESXI

So you just got your brand new R740 and you bought the latest and greatest server.  I mean this is the machine you have been waiting for; it is specced out and decked out with the best hardware.

  • You got the correct and fast SAS SSD drives that are type “n” so no issues with 4K drive format.
  • You got the new H740P Raid Controller Card
  • You got all the hardware level firmware updated
  • You configured the local SSD drives into RAID 6
  • You have a new slick looking iDrac HTML5 interface
  • You installed the ESXi software onto the SD Cards

But… when you logged into ESXi and you go to add a datastore and try to select the virtual RAID disk you created earlier it is not showing up.


Download the Dell Customized ESXi 6.0 Update 3 A10 disc which includes the latest Dell Drivers.  Once installed you will be able to view and add the datastore to the server.

Dell recently changed it so that direct links no longer work.  In the same place where you can find your drivers/firmware for your Dell Server you can select “Enterprise Solutions”.  Here you can find the customized VMware install discs.  If a new version of ESXi is released and your server model is listed on the Vmware HCL list, it could take a few weeks-months for Dell to publish the custom image.