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Deploying Java Sucks!

I have deployed a lot of applications throughout the last few years and I have had some tricky applications to deploy except there is one that makes me go crazy every-time it gets released and its called “Java”.  I thought Oracle might take a different approach after purchasing them and make it easier.  Either the install switches don’t always work or break during some releases or we have 3+ switches doing the same thing but Java no Oracle prevents that feature from working.

  1. User tries to launch an application using java. They get this prompt.


2. Great it turns the application needs to run with settings on medium, lets go make that change.


3. Yay Oracle realeased a new version of Java now all my users are complaining about this message… I can’t stop this!



Below is how I install Java.

  • I have 3 Java Update Supressions (I hope 1 of them works)
  • I have to force Mozilla plugin to install because sometimes it fails to detect Chrome or Firefox is installed and doesn’t install the plugin required..
  • I have 3 Reboot prevention switches, don’t forget to close or make sure no one is logged on otherwise if an application is using Java and doesn’t close it will force your computer restart no matter what… (thanks!)
  • Plus our users get the notification to upgrade to a later version if you can’t jam down Java fast enough to your user’s computers.  We actually do testing here.  The window of course you can’t turn off because it is hard-coded into the software.
  • I also have registry settings to disable more notification popups
  • Plus a variety of other settings connected to the medium security level.

I think Oracle should release 2 different versions of Java.

  • Home Version
    • Although there are some savvy home users out there well I’m sure they would download the enterprise version but I think all the popups are great for home users.
  • Enterprise Version
    • I don’t want a million popup windows and neither does corporate America!
    • Give us better control or some sort of tool or better way to manage Java
    • Integrate the Java white-lists into this new tool as well
    • Make it easier for the enterprise.. why you ask, well because we have to do all this work for one stinking application called Java.   I should be charging you for all the time I’ve wasted trying to get your Java client to install silently or to kill all the notification windows you prompt for our users.