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Easily create a cronjob that runs on a daily basis

In the example demonstrated below, I am using a backup script for the game Valheim on Linux, but anything can be used here.

  1. First run “crontab -e” this will go into edit mode for the scheduled task we are creating.
  2. If it asks you to select an editor choose your favorite, mine is nano.
  3. Navigate to the last blank line and use 1 line for each task that should be performed. (I will have 2)
    • Line #1 Reads: At 3:30 am, every day, start the script “ValheimBackup.sh” (which takes a backup of Valheim) and write the log output to a specific location.
    • Line #2 Reads: At 3:35 am, every day, perform a reboot of the server.

Note: Make sure you leave the asterisks “*” for time values you do not use, otherwise the computer will think you wanted something else or an error will occur.

30 3 * * * /usr/local/bin/valheimbackup.sh > /var/log/valheimbackup-cron.log 2>&1
35 3 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r

Other examples

Run a script that performs an action after restarting the machine

@reboot /usr/local/bin/TheBestApp.sh

Run the backup script that performs daily at midnight

@daily /usr/local/bin/valheimbackup.sh > /var/log/valheimbackup-cron.log 2>&1