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Handy Qualys Queries

Machines Require Reboot due to pending update and online 8 hours
vulnerabilities.vulnerability.qid:90126 AND lastFullScan>now-8h
Machines without reboot in 30 days
system.lastBoot<now-30d AND lastFullScan>now-13d
Machines require reboot due to update and online
vulnerabilities.vulnerability.qid:90126 AND lastFullScan>now-8d
Machines without a reboot in 90 Days (problem machines)
system.lastBoot<now-89d AND lastFullScan>now-7d
Machines with Java Installed
(software.name:"Java")  AND lastFullScan>now-30d
Machines with Java Installed and Tagged as a workstation
(software.name:"Java")  AND lastFullScan>now-30d AND tags.name: 'AT:WindowsWorkstation'
Machines with a specific vulnerability
(vulnerabilities.vulnerability.cveIds:CVE-2020-0601) AND (lastFullScan>now-30d)