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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is backporting newer security features to older operating systems!

Microsoft has announced they will be backporting several security features which are only available in Server 2019 into older Server operating systems.  This will help unify and reduce feature fragmentation. I hope we will see Isolate capabilities soon too.

Server 2012R2/2016

Requires: October 2021 Updates + New Unified Agent install

Feature Set:

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus with Next-generation protections
  • Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rules (though already working on Server 2016)
  • Network Protection
  • Controlled Folder Access
  • Improved detection capabilities
  • Expanded response capabilities on devices and files
  • EDR in Block Mode
  • Live Response
  • Automated Investigation and Response (AIR)
  • Tamper Protection
  • In addition, client changes/installation is being optimized for 2016 and 2012R2, and the MMA Agent is being retired.