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Migrated DHCP Server and getting old DNS server

When migrating a DHCP server over it is very important to make sure your old DNS servers are not being used by your servers and computers.

1. Performing “ipconfig /all” yields the following incorrect result; and really should say in our case.  By checking the other fields we know this is not a static ip and does not contain any static dns entries.. so what is going on here?

  • = old dns
  • = old dns


2. Go into DHCP and navigate down to your scope.  Right click on “Server Options and select “Configure Options”


3. Then add the correct DNS Servers to the configuration.  You can even remove the old DNS servers if desired.  (In my example I did not remove the DNS Servers).


4. If we go back onto our client and peform the following commands we will see the updated DNS information as follows

  • via cmd prompt “ipconfig /flushdns”
  • via cmd prompt “ipconfig /release”
  • via cmd prompt “ipconfig /renew”