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Synology HyperBackup BackBlaze B2/S3 – No response from the destination server…

During setup of HyperBackup or trying to perform actions in a third party application you may get the following error message: “No response from the destination server. Please check your network status and try again later.

Here are some common causes of this issue, that I have seen.

  • Backup configuration settings may not be correct (key, endpoint, list-all bucket permission missing)
  • Firewall may be blocking connectivity
  • DNS cannot be be resolved or old static entries exist

Here is how to check your Synology NAS for old DNS records.

  1. Open up the Control Panel
  2. Under Connectivity select “Network”
  3. Click on “Network Interface”
  4. Select the name of the network interface, mine is named “Bond 1”
  5. Select the IPv4 tab and then review your settings, specifically under “DNS Server”

If you are using a static IP and not leveraging a DHCP reservation make sure the DNS server is an active device and not an old entry.